• To develop all students’ communication skills, ensuring they experience success in reading, writing, and speaking and listening
  • For students to grow in confidence as they achieve mastery in English, and become equipped with the skills necessary to succeed in future study and employment.
  • To develop their independence and their ability to think critically.
  • To develop develop the ability to analyse and respond meaningfully to the views of others, ranging from points of view they encounter during peer discussions in class, to those of published authors and speakers.


  • Ms L J DysonHead of Department
  • Mr P HinesHead of Department
  • Miss B Faloon
  • Mrs S Dougan
  • Mrs J Heaney
  • Mrs R Cuthbertson
  • Miss K McGarry
  • Mr E Reuss
  • Mrs E Scott
  • Miss J Thompson
  • Miss S McCullough
  • Miss L Moorhead
  • Mrs J Milasinovich