English is the language of connection.  It has the capacity to connect us to each other as well as the many worlds contained within our imagination. 

We believe in helping students to become precise, confident and creative in their use of English Language and Literature. We seek to foster and promote a life-long love of literature by providing them with the skills required to deconstruct and analyse a wide range of texts. Through the holistic study of these texts, we empower our pupils to study English Language as an expression of empathy, expectation, enlightenment, encouragement and most importantly, enjoyment. 


  • To develop all students’ communication skills, ensuring they experience success in reading, writing, and speaking and listening
  • For students to grow in confidence as they achieve mastery in English, and become equipped with the skills necessary to succeed in future study and employment.
  • To develop their independence and their ability to think critically.
  • To develop develop the ability to analyse and respond meaningfully to the views of others, ranging from points of view they encounter during peer discussions in class, to those of published authors and speakers.


  • Ms L J DysonHead of Department
  • Mr P HinesHead of Department
  • Miss B Faloon
  • Mrs S Dougan
  • Mrs J Heaney
  • Mrs R Cuthbertson
  • Miss K McGarry
  • Mr E Reuss
  • Mrs E Scott
  • Miss J Thompson
  • Miss S McCullough
  • Miss L Moorhead
  • Mrs J Milasinovich

Key Stage 3

Junior Curriculum

The following skills are taught holistically through the class’ set text (poetry, prose or drama).
Examples of Class sets are:
War Horse, Boy, Harry Potter, Holes, Billy Elliot, Wonder

Key Stage 4

GCSE English Language

Key Stage 4

GCSE English Literature

Key Stage 5

A-Level English Literature