The 3 Stages of Special Educational Provision


All our staff are trained to adjust their teaching methods and make reasonable adjustments to meet the needs of individual pupils in their class (we call this differentiation). This may involve: 

Teachers know their pupils well and regularly assess their progress both formally and informally. If a teacher is concerned about the progress your child is making following whole school educational provision they may pass on their concern to: 

The school will then contact the parent/carer to discuss placing the child on Stage 1 of the SEN Register which requires Special Educational Provision. 

Stage 1

Your child will be assigned an overarching category to define their specific learning difficulty. The 5 categories are: 

Following discussion with the child and parent/carer a PLP- Personal Learning Plan will be created with specific targets for the young person to work towards. This will be reviewed twice a year and progress against the targets monitored. 

Stage 2

If no progress is made by the child following Stage 1, the school may apply for external educational provision to be implemented by the EA from one of the EA Pupil Support Services or a service from a Health and Social Care Trust. 

Stage 3

A child at Stage 3 will be in receipt of a Statement following a statutory assessment and will be receiving special educational provision as set out in the Statement.