Literacy is the key to accessing the curriculum and fulfilling learner potential. It isn’t just about reading and writing; good literacy skills promote the development of creativity and critical thinking as well as interpersonal skills. Being able to read, write and listen effectively means your child can participate meaningfully in not only their education, but in the world around them.

Within the college we have several initiatives to promote literacy across the curriculum. We have a fantastic initiative to promote literacy and a culture of reading through our annual Book Buzz, in which year 8 and 9 pupils receive a free book of their choice from an amazing set of titles by famous and up-and-coming authors.

Last year we also celebrated our first World Book Week, which got the whole school involved in activities to promote a love of reading. From Harry Potter themed potions lessons in Science, to our Book Swap café in our school Library, the whole school community got involved across different subjects, all in the interest of promoting literacy and a love of storytelling. I look forward to running this event again in 2023.

We also offer support to pupils struggling with literacy or confidence in reading. Year 8 pupils can avail of the support of Literacy Mentors to develop their reading skills, with pupils selected via teacher feedback and internal data analysis. Our Reading to Dogs scheme is available to all year groups, which can help promote reading confidence through animal therapy.

At Laurelhill, promoting literacy and a culture of reading and storytelling is at the heart of what we do— you’ll even see a book is the centrepiece of our school crest! Please see our ‘Literacy at Laurelhill’ Advice sheet which contains lots of useful information to help you support your child’s literacy development.


  • Miss K McGarryLiteracy Co-Ordinator