Welcome to the Science Department at Laurelhill Community College. Throughout their time at the school, students are encouraged to experience an active learning journey through studying Biology, Chemistry and Physics.


  • To stimulate students’ curiosity and enthusiasm to develop a sense of wonder in science
  • To develop skills in scientific methods of enquiry
  • To engage students to develop understanding of the processes of science as well as content of scientific knowledge


  • Dr J BreenHead of Department
  • Miss K Gilmore
  • Mr A Browne
  • Mrs K Stewart
  • Mrs A Seve
  • Mr M Newnham
  • Miss K Brooks
  • Mrs R McIlwrath
  • Mrs E Lennon

Key Stage 3

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At Key Stage 3 our students study science across a range of contexts encouraging them to develop their enthusiasm and knowledge and help to build a firm foundation for future studies. The course is designed in line with the Northern Ireland curriculum.

Key Stage 4

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All students study science at Key Stage four, though they have options as to how it is studied. 

Double Award Science – provides students with two GCSEs in Science, studying seven modules covering Biology, Chemistry and Physics and a practical exam. 

Single Award Science – provides students with one GCSE in Science, studying four modules covering Biology, Chemistry and Physics and a practical exam. 

Level 2 Applied Science – Covers four units: Principles of Science, Chemistry and Our Earth, Energy and Our Universe, Biology and Our Environment of which 25% is externally assessed. 

Key Stage 5

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Students have the opportunity to study BTEC Level 3 Applied Human Biology which is an internally and externally assessed courseThis covers topics such as human biology and health issues, microbiology and infectious diseases and functional physiology.