Student Voice


Student Voice is led by the Student Voice Leadership Team (SVLT), which is made up of elected Sixth Form representatives.

The SVLT Team lead the student council meetings, that are made up of representatives from every class with a total of approximately sixty students on the council.

The student voice representatives meet once per term. During these meetings students will have the opportunity to raise whole school issues to be addressed and then discussed with the senior leaders of the College.  They will also take on fund raising projects throughout the year, as voted for by the student representatives.


  • To establish an effective pupil voice within the college across all year groups that will be engaging, fun and energetic for the pupils involved.
  • To grow the community feel, level of fun and enjoyment and a sense of belonging and ownership for our pupils in Laurelhill.
  • To see two members of each form class elected as representatives on student voice (one male and one female)
  • This is an ongoing project and it is hoped that it will continue to develop. The students will continue to play an active role in shaping the future of the Laurelhill Community College.