Art & Design


The Art Department is dedicated to challenging, stretching and promoting creativity and personal growth through the innovative teaching of contemporary and traditional art, craft and design disciplines and processes.

Pupils have the opportunity to work in a number of areas including traditional investigations of formal art elements as well as more creatively challenging projects. Our aim is to build on skills, understanding, confidence and ability from year to year as our pupils’ progress through KS3. This ensures they are ready for the more independent challenges they need to adapt to at KS4 & 5.

We believe that by giving them the opportunity to develop their practical skills and techniques, that aid creative thinking & expression, pupils gain a greater understanding of the role of art in society.

Introducing students to an increasingly diverse selection of art and artists fosters opportunity, equity, and inclusivity. This allows students to see themselves in a variety of representations, inspires them to share their unique voices, and become global citizens.


  • To stimulate and maintain student curiosity, interest and enjoyment in Art
  • To develop recording and creative thinking skills
  • To understand that Art is an important, pleasurable and fundamental realm of human experience
  • To provide suitable examination qualifications
  • To encourage, develop and prepare those pupils who wish to pursue an Art career


  • Mrs P KearneyHead of Department
  • Mrs S Haggerty
  • Miss C Hamill

Key Stage 3 Topic List


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Key Stage 4 Topic List


In this subject you will have opportunities to develop creative, intellectual and artistic abilities as well as your personal knowledge, understanding and skills through investigating, realising, experimenting and problem solving. You will be working in 2D, 3D, fine art and design and will produce a final piece showcasing your strengths. They will also be encouraged to work independently and with a broad range of media to experiment, take risks and refine ideas and outcomes.

This course is made up of two units: 

Key Stage 4 Topic List

Creativity & Design Occupational Studies - ART

The world of work is constantly changing. Occupational Studies allows learners to learn for work, through work and about work, and it provides the potential for this learning to take place in out-of-school contexts. This hands-on approach is ideal for those who prefer to develop their skills in a more practical, occupational environment. 

Two units are studied. Each unit is worth 50% of the final marks and is marked on the cumulative coursework and evidence produced for each unit. 

  •  Interior Design 
  • Graphic Design 

The emphasis of this course is to develop skills within a chosen area using appropriate materials, techniques and processes. Creativity and innovation are key factors within this course and students will have the opportunity to show their understanding through working on a set design brief. This will take into account the importance of health and safety, working with a budget and the constraints of a design brief.  Students will be given the opportunity to research related careers and develop an understanding of the importance of these areas to the small business sector.   

Each unit will include: 

  • practising skills through workshops;
  • working to a brief; 
  • writing the proposal of an idea;
  • procedures for self and peer evaluation;
  • consideration of career opportunities in the industry;
  • consideration of environmental issues within the industry;
  • a review and evaluation of performance.

Key Stage 5 Topic List


A Level Art & Design comprises of four units that are internally assessed and externally moderated. 

It allows students to engage in integrated critical, practical and theoretical study in art and design.  It gives students a sound basis for progression to higher education courses in art and design or study related to other areas of the creative industries. 

Course Content 

The structure of the AS and A2 courses