Health and Social Care


The Health & Social Care and Cache department is about exploring health care through all agesPupils will have an understanding of health, early years and education and develop skills that will prepare them for further study or the work place in a social care setting.


  • Provides the opportunity to study a wide range of subjects including communication, health promotion, family issues and quality care.
  • To develop knowledge, understanding and skills relevant to degrees in nursing, allied health professions, social sciences, social work and early years.
  • Allows opportunity to develop valuable skills such as research, analysis, communication, working with others, independent learning, creative thinking and problem solving.


  • Mrs ReaHead of Department
  • Mrs K Beckett
  • Miss M Waterworth
  • Ms S Cunningham
  • Mrs S Gray
  • Ms A Lea
  • Mrs K Stewart

Key Stage 4

GCSE Health and Social Care

Key Stage 5

A-Level Health and Social Care

Key Stage 5